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  1. The Wielder World: An urban fantasy series where men pay the price to use their power (Edge of Desperation and Center of Deception available at Amazon.)
  2. World of Two Moons: A high fantasy adventure series with a curious felinoid race
  3. The Honey Series: A novel of a demon hunter and his incubus
  4. Guardsmark: A series set in modern times about agents in a magical police force
  5. Terminus Squad: A horror series where the last vestiges of humanity are hidden within walled cities while the aliens take over the earth
  6. Romance mixed within all.

I’m writing as we speak and if there is something you’d like to see as these series unfold, drop me a word. Writing is an organic exercise and prompts and ideas are a fun way to reach out to you, my readers, and see the stories grow.

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy my stories.  Contact me at natkennedybooks@gmail.com

Nat Kennedy