The Wielder World’s four stories are available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Gay, romantic urban fantasy full of dedication and blood.

Edge of Desperation
Edge of Desperation Wielder World 1
Center of Deception
Center of Deception  Wielder World 2
Places Between
Wielder World 2.5
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Afflicted to the Core
Afflicted to the Core Wielder World 3

Some women are gifted with the ability to Wield the Nerve of the World: mentally pluck a Nerve that’s spans from themselves to the greater universal connection and perform supernatural acts. Three categories exist: mind Wielders, force Wielders and enhancement Wielders. By Wielding these Nerves, women can read minds, tell lies from truth, use invisible force to push, pull, lift, make their hearing better, arms stronger, and more. The world is their oyster.

Men can Wield too, but their powers come at a terrible price: Taint and Corruption.

When Taint is triggered the man must fulfill his obsession. When Corruption is triggered, his body mutates and gains aberrations. Eventually, if a man Wields excessively, he goes skell—mad.

Meet August, Reggie and Kyle, three male Wielders who are trying to lead their own lives in a world where their kind are spurned and mistrusted.

August runs The Black Castle, a local bar frequented by male Wielders, and a smuggling business catering to the male Wielder cults. He’s on the Bureau of Wielder Services’ (BWS) watch list.

Reggie is a young assistant professor of engineering at the Albion State University. He hides everything from outside eyes, just wishing for privacy as he educates eager minds and steers young men away from Wielding.

Kyle is one of those eager minds, a comp sci student who crushes hard on Reggie.

And there is Bethany, Reggie’s older sister and agent for the BWS, who struggles to balance family and duty, and keep her brother safe from the cults and the government that wants to cut the Nerve from men.