You’ve read it before, but here is my version.

What will I review? Fantasy (in all it’s variety) is my vegan cheesecake, I could eat it all day. I prefer heroic fantasy versus the typical grimdark, where there are no good guys or the good guys never win. I love well developed PLOT! A hint of romance is okay, unless it’s gay romance, then I love it. Gay erotica is fine. I’m not into rape in any fashion, though other types of violence is all good. I’m not that into YA/Teen angsty emo stuff.

I also enjoy horror, sci-fi and detective novels (see the above notes for my likes dislikes.)

I’m fine with ebooks (mobi) or print books, new books or ones that have a few years on them and you’re trying to boost your review numbers.

I don’t review friends (if you know me, don’t ask). My reviews will be 100% honest. I won’t review everything sent to me. If I find, for whatever reason, I can’t get into your book, I’ll let you know and pass on completing and reviewing your book. Good grammar/editing is a must. In your request, in the subject heading write Review Request and give me details about your book as well as a goodreads link.