Cover Reveal for Center of Deception

You’ve met August Whalen in Edge of Desperation, now you can see the world from his eyes in Center of Deception!

August Whalen is the owner of The Black Castle, a bar frequented by male Wielders.  He’s driven to make his father proud and excel in business, bringing in cash from a side import/export business that’s just this side of legal.  Unfortunately, that nose for business can lead him into trouble.

2016-01-002 Center of Deception eBook Cover







Center of Deception will be available through Amazon in June.


Cover Reveal for Edge of Desperation

It’s here!  Meet Assistant Professor Reggie Wolfe.  He’s young for his position and gets plenty of attention for it, but he’s a thoughtful professor and wishes to help out his students.  He also wishes to help out male Wielders, of which he is secretly one.  In a world where male Wielders of the Nerve of the World are looked at with fear and disgust, Reggie steps forward to try to make a difference.

2016-01-002 Edge of Desperation eBook cover

Edge of Desperation will be available through Amazon in May.