Cover Reveal for Center of Deception

You’ve met August Whalen in Edge of Desperation, now you can see the world from his eyes in Center of Deception!

August Whalen is the owner of The Black Castle, a bar frequented by male Wielders.  He’s driven to make his father proud and excel in business, bringing in cash from a side import/export business that’s just this side of legal.  Unfortunately, that nose for business can lead him into trouble.

2016-01-002 Center of Deception eBook Cover







Center of Deception will be available through Amazon in June.


Brands of Wielding

Only ten more days, and Edge of Desperation is available.  Thank you everyone who has pre-ordered!

An Overview of Powers

Wielders pluck the Nerve of the World, a type of webwork of strands that most Wielders see as ‘out there’.  They reach out with their Wielding senses and strum the Nerve, initiating their Wielding power.

In Edge of Desperation there are three Wielding branches: mind, forces, and enhancement.

  • enhancement Wielders, aka boosters, can enhance their own physical prowess.  Making themselves stronger, faster, tougher.  Their Tracer is a change to the air around them which others can feel.  They have to eat constantly to fuel their power.
  • mind Wielders, aka mentalists, can affect their targets mind.  Often they need eye contact.  They can read minds, or erase minds, or paralyze their target.  Their Tracer is a sound.  They must learn to drown out other distractions to use their power well.
  • force Wielders, aka benders, can manipulate physics.  They can, with invisible force, lift things, push things, pull things.  They are often labeled lifters, pushers or benders, though bender has become the overall name for that branch of Wielding.  Their Tracer is a smell.  They have to build their endurance to Wield much, otherwise they can just pass out from one use.
  • unknown Wielders.  What else is out there? Continue reading the Wielder World series and you might meet more.