Tomorrow I start writing the first book of the World of Two Moons. It’s erotic high fantasy and I’ve been churning this story in my head for years. I have a fantasy cat race called the felinori, hermaphroditic and tribal. They have relationships in triads. They have a holy tree (which I had this idea before Avatar… I’m always so slow on writing my ideas down.) that they can speak to their ancestors through. A shamanistic, earth-based faith, they bury their dead, because burning them causes the sprit to be scattered on the breeze and it takes years for the spirit to coalesce.

Akani, my human, has a dark past. He’s my Xena character. As a young man he was rash and brash and was quite an ass. But he realizes his wrongs have put a country–two countries!–in turmoil and he’s vowed to do what he can to end the war.

And he needs guides. He tricks the three felinori into helping him.

Tomorrow I write my first words of this story. I’ve background and character sketches and world building files, but I haven’t written a single word of story. I’m excited to bring the World of Two Moons to life and watch Akani, Mrsharra, Thaladan and Hamnar jump off the page.

Damn, I love NaNoWriMo.

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