This Year Support Indy Authors

I’m a Virgo Rising, which means I like lists. I’ve already got a 60-some book Want To Read list that I will get halfway through. It’s full of self-pubbed authors like myself.

So this year, as a reader, I challenge you to Support Indy Authors. When you are thinking of reading a new book, why not pick from one of these beauties! There is fantasy and sci-fi, romance, thrillers, historical fiction, mysteries, non fiction! Everything you could want.

One thing I’d noticed with the self-published books I’ve read is that I’m finding fresh new stories. They are not pigeon-holed into something the traditional markets think will sell well. These are books that break the rules and for many, it’s a wonderful experiment. Give a independent author a read. You’ll open up a whole new bookshelf you didn’t know held books you love.