As with many of you, the quarantine and lockdown many of us have found ourselves in is putting our emotional teeter out of wack. I’m still working my day job from home, so I’m stuck in one room now, while at the office I wandered around and could talk to people about roadblocks I came upon. I’m still emailing and talking to people, but I find I’m sitting far more. And so I’m sitting in the same place I normally write and I find it hard to want to sit there more hours in my day to write creatively.

I want to use this time. I have no social engagements, nothing to pull myself from writing other than my day job, but I’m far less productive. It’s sad really.

Perhaps it’s a mindset I need to flip a switch on, and I hope to do that now. On the weekends put more effort into my novels, which I so love writing.

I need to plant a tree in my heart, so a bird might come and perch and sing me a song. Or so the Chinese say.

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