I’d like to introduce you to Neil Heath-Hartley, who is joining me today to share a bit about himself, his writing, and his writing process. He’s just launched a newsletter, so this is your chance to sign up to keep updated on Neil’s upcoming projects. You can also find him and his books at Goodreads: Neil_Heath_Hartley.

Welcome, Neil.

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: Let me start by thanking you for this opportunity to answer your questions. My name is Neil Heath-Hartley, and I stay in Kempton Park, South Africa with my husband. I write in many genres: children, fantasy, LGBTI+, with a range of audiences from toddler to adults. I cater for everyone. My website is http://www.neilwrites.co.za and I have just recently launched a newsletter I am so EXCITED about.

<Nat Kennedy>: A newsletter a great step, and a lot of work. What should we expect from your newsletter?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: I am going to include sneak peaks into my books as well a competition or two. I also have a Facebook page where I promote all four books that I have available

<Nat Kennedy>: Tell us about your daily writing procedure.

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: Because I work full time, I only basically write one hour a day (during lunch time).

<Nat Kennedy>: I’m with you on that. Finding time to write is always difficult, and an hour a day is better than many. I’m impressed you have four books out!

What was your ‘ah ha’ moment when you realized you wanted to be a writer?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: My “Ah-ha” moment came when I discovered that there were not many gay authors that actually wrote about things that happen in the gay community, and when I started my gay book, Behind the Mask, the story just flowed out. It’s almost two years that the book has been out, and I’m planning to make it a series

<Nat Kennedy>: I think it’s important to have authors with real experience write the books we read. Thanks for sharing those with us.

You’ve only got an hour a day, so you must use that time wisely. What do you do for writer’s block?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: When I get writer’s block I try take a break for a white and just pick up my diary and scribble words, trying to get new ideas, by the way I am a pantser.

<Nat Kennedy>: A Pantser! Oh no! I don’t see how you guys can do that. I need an outline.

What are you working on right now?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: Currently I am working on a Thriller, Underneath the Rose’s Thorn. It follows a female serial killer as well as a gay character, no spoilers will be mentioned.

<Nat Kennedy>: Spoilers be gone! Thanks.

What writing has inspired you?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: Growing up I read Sydney Sheldon and Mary Higgins Clark, and they were my idols. I have to include JK Rowling in my list of favorites. I also found a Youtuber Jenna Moreci that is amazing with advice regarding being an author and writing tips.

<Nat Kennedy>: Where do you get your ideas from?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: My ideas come to me at any time, any place, sometimes I can just sit and something will pop into my mind, then I jot done my idea on my phone or piece of paper

<Nat Kennedy>: If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: I would tell my younger self to start earlier with any marketing courses and to learn as much as I can regarding this wonderful art

<Nat Kennedy>: What would you choose as your writing mascot/animal spirit/totem?

<Neil Heath-Hartley>: My logo on my newsletter is an octopus, however I would go for a butterfly, they so fragile however they are free to be wherever they want to be

Thank you for stopping by and chatting, Neil.

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